Professional Writing Services

Are you ever lost for words? 

The right words - to engage your customers or audience. Don't let that stop you from getting your message across.

Times when you might need a writer

1. You have no content. Nowt. A few ideas, maybe, but that's about it.

2. You have a deadline to meet and a space that needs filling.

3. What you've written is okay, but you know it could be improved. You're just not sure how.

4. You want to revitalise your brand with a fresh approach, a little humour or a new campaign.

5. You'd rather stick to what you're best at - running your business. People still need to know how great your product or service is, but words aren't your thing. I understand; I feel the same way about banking. (Unless banking is your business, in which case I love banking...) 

Where I come in.

I'm a columnist, copywriter, blogger and author. I can create a range of written content (credited or ghostwriten) for a variety of media and needs. I produce business writing, articles and features, personal speeches and eye-catching copy that generates a buzz. I can even write gags for you, or 'punch up' presentation material to turn it from dry into wry.

I also provide editing and proofreading on request.

My main subject ares are: Business; Human Interest; Green Living; Politics; Relationships; and the Arts. However, I'm always happy to look at a brief. 

Contact me with your requirements for a quote.  

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