Humour writing

Humour is about more than just getting laughs. U
sing appropriate humour your ideas, products and services can be communicated in a way that creates a lasting and positive effect. 

Whether it's for a speech, sales letter, presentation, or website, I can ghostwrite or collaborate with you, adding a dash of wit and polish to ensure the content shines.

I have also produced:
  • Character-driven monologues for company websites and blog posts.
  • Magazine columns.
  • Innovative sales copy.
  • Slogans for promotional merchandise.
  • Filler pieces that blend the factual with the funny.
  • Fun quizzes.
  • Cartoons.
  • Topical and situation-based gags, sketches, monologues and songs for live performance.
  • Content for greetings cards.
Take a look at my books page, where you can buy comedy sketch scripts and ebooks.