Clients and Publication

Clients have included:
Home Study Courses Ltd, 
SafeTFirst Corporation, Inside Design, Vismomedia, 
BSFG Travel, Gadget Jabber,, Free Psychic Insight, 
Access Legal Research, 
My SEO Source,
The Engel Journal,,
Graphic Humour Ltd,
Becky Walsh, 
Mommies' Priceless MomentsVillayat Sunkmanitu
Downward Facing Dog,
Jason C.

Newspaper and magazine
Discover - The Better Life green living column.
Discover - The Life List humour column.
Independent Executive - Safeguarding in education and The state of pay.
Education Executive - Keeping parents in the loop.
The Guardian - Last of the Line.
Thrive in Life magazine, Canada - My Big Brother.
My Cornwall magazine - We love... the late Randle Hurley.
Country Smallholding - How to make use of your surplus eggs.
Dollar Stretcher magazine, US - The Benefits of Chickens.
NUPOST magazine, Canada - The Rocky Road to Happiness column.
As Above So Below magazine - issues 1 to 17 co-written with David French.
The Mountain Astrologer, US - Wisdom of the Stars (humour).
Pagan Dawn - An Old Witch Recalls (humour).
Pentacle - Diary of a Magus (humour).
The Spark - New Age Dictionary (humour).

Radio and Film
BBC Radio Scotland, Watson's Wind Up - additional comedy material.
Channel 4 Radio, 4 Weekly Show, series 1 & 2 additional comedy material.
An Overflowing of Smiles, a short film by P Carter & A Zierle - script and voice contribution.
Subliminal Cous Cous, experimental film project by Colin Lazenby - script editor
BBC Radio Cornwall - comedy writing interview with Paul Sullivan.
The Source FM - creative writing interview and short stories broadcast.
KBRW Alaska - foreign correspondent and commentator for Earl Finkler.

Stand-up material for performers Becky Walsh, Teresa Holcomb and Drew Cameron.
The Showreel Sketchbook - comedy sketch script ebook for various formats.
The Little Book of Cynics (ISBN 978-1906051006) - co-written with David French.
The Treason Show, Brighton - ongoing comedy material for live performance.
The News Revue, London - ongoing comedy material for live performance.
Behind the Bike Sheds, Messrs Comedy and Town & Country - material for one-off shows.
The Afternoon Call, US - contracted writer for comedy material.
iLarious phone application, US - contracted writer for comedy material. 

Musa Publishing - Superhero Club (ISBN 978-1-61937-285-6)
Arc Infinity Fiction prizewinner - Perfect Circle
Kissing Frankenstein anthology 
ISBN 978-1-471684937) - Various
Musa Publishing - The Silent Hills (
ISBN: 978-1-619370159)
Beyond the Horizon anthology (ISBN 978-0956871701) - Rogue
The Wanderer (ISBN 978-0984306442)
The Coffee Shop Chronicles 
(ISBN 978-0984306428) - Diner
Concisely magazine - Late Night Fiction
Dark Valentine magazine - Cold Heart
Molotov Cocktail magazine - Saturday Night
hyperFeedia - Through the Veil
Stories That Lift - The Seeds of Happiness
Writelink - Emergency Services
Fiction 365 and Iceberg Four anthology - Night Train