For Clients

Hello there,

You may be wondering if I'm the right writer for you. 

After all, you're risking your reputation and your hard-earned money. I don't play poker, so I'll set all my cards down on the table. My specialist subjects include: Business; Green Living; Human Interest; Politics; Relationships; Mind, Body & Spirit; Humour; and the Arts.

However, I've written content on a wide variety of topics. Just how wide can be glimpsed from the subject list below (and if I've written for you and you feel missed out, drop me a line).

Ready? Deep we go:

Ageism, art, big data, business and branding, chickens, coaching, comedy, cycling, education, exercise, exhibitions, freelance writing, health, interior design, life-long learning, poo, property development, PTSD, relationships and sex, retro television, safeguarding, social media, software, staff motivation, superfoods, surveillance, sushi, VOIP, voucher discounts, website design, weddings, and yoga.

Here's what I need to know from you:
- Your subject matter, ideally with themes and any key messages.
- Your target audience.
- An approximate word count / page count.
- The tone or voice of the piece (e.g. conversational, authoritative, quirky, funny, etc.).
- Your timescale.
- Your budget.

If you don't have all the answers when you contact me, I can help you put the full brief together.