My books fall into two main categories - genre fiction and humour. 

Standpoint, Line of Sight, Cause & Effect and Shadow State are British spy thrillers, published by Joffe Books. Each follows a working class spy,Thomas Bladen, in his work for the UK's Surveillance Support Unit. They combine intrigue, action, and sardonic, distinctly British humour.

Rule 1: Don't get involved. Rule 2: Keep your distance. Rule 3: Whatever it takes.

Spy Chaser combines three gripping espionage thrillers in one volume (Standpoint, Line of Sight, and Cause & Effect). Set in the Surveillance Support Unit, a shadowy branch of the British government, follow Thomas Bladen's quest to uncover the truth. 

Standpoint During a routine surveillance operation he witnesses a shooting that will expose a world of corruption and danger. When his on-off girlfriend, Miranda, is endangered by the conspiracy, Thomas must decide who he can trust to help him save her life. Can one good man hold the line without crossing it?

Line of Sight When Amy Johanson is killed during a weapons test, Thomas and his partner Karl are determined to get to the facts. But they are thwarted by dangerous and powerful forces. Can Thomas get justice for Amy while navigating the shifting sands of espionage, big business, and the mystery of Karl's past? 

Cause & Effect, Just when Thomas thought things had settled down, Miranda's father calls in a favour. Thomas must investigate an attack on the loved one of a drug dealer. As he delves deeper he finds out uncomfortable truths about Miranda and his investigation will take him closer to the dark heart of the shadow state.

Shadow State Thomas Bladen forced to make hard choices, when he is brought face to face with a Shadow State operative who can wreck his life. All Thomas has to do is expose a defector and they'll leave him in peace, but who is the real enemy? A stake out becomes a rescue, an intervention leads to murder and loyalties are stretched to breaking point. Soon Thomas is forced into a dangerous game, turning the Shadow State against itself.

Flashpoint As the security services scramble in the aftermath of a coordinated terror attack, undercover operative Thomas Bladen is in deep trouble. His department is taken over by MI5, his girlfriend’s gone, and he’s “lost” a handgun during unofficial surveillance of a politician. When two key SSU personnel disappear, Bladen's search for answers is blocked at every turn. Is there a double agent in his team? What he discovers could change the rules forever.

If you like John le Carré, Robert Harris or Ken Follett novels you will be gripped by this compelling espionage thriller series. 

"The story never lets up. It's one of those books that readers will thoroughly enjoy. Highly recommended. A must read novel. Don't miss out." Bill 

"Love the characters and the plots. Haven't read a series this good in years. Please keep writing them!" Jrbp 

"What I like about British thrillers is that the great ones are realistic rather than glitzy. This story did not disappoint with its gritty detail and credible characters. It kept me hooked right through to the end. Great writing!" VC LONDON

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A trio of adult humour mini ebooks, plus a collection of adult comedy sketches.

The first trio are adult humour, mini ebooks - each one packed with over 100 themed gags / barbed comments. The fourth ebook is a collection of adult comedy sketch scripts (in case you've always wanted to have a go yourself). These ebooks developed from being part of the large and talented contributor teams for The Treason Show and NewsRevue.

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Superhero Club is a short fiction ebook for mid-grade / young adults. You can read reviews here.
Originally available through Musa Publishing (2011 - 2014) until the publisher ceased trading, I have now made it available through Sixpence Publishing on and
The book tackles the themes of bullying, friendship, self-acceptance and transformation. I'm exploring whether the book might be useful as an educational tool.