My books

My work published in books currently falls into two main categories - genre fiction and humour. 

Standpoint and Line of Sight are Brit thrillers, published by Joffe Books, and follow Thomas Bladen in his work for the UK's Surveillance Support Unit. They combine intrigue, action, and dark humour.



Thomas Bladen has been living a double-life for two years. He's a civil service photographer, working in London, but the Surveillance Support Unit also assists other government departments. The SSU is staffed by ex-forces personnel, careerists and Thomas. He has an eye for details that other people miss and a talent for finding trouble - a combination that was never going to bring him an easy life.

During a routine observation he unwittingly exposes a world of corruption and danger that bleeds into his private life. When the chips are down and the only woman he has ever loved becomes ensnared in the conspiracy, can one good man hold the line without crossing it?


A young woman lies dead at an army base. Was it really an accident and was she having an affair with her boss?

Thomas Bladen works in surveillance for a shadowy unit of the British government. When Amy Johanson is killed during a weapons test, Thomas and his partner Karl are determined to get to the bottom of it. They must protect Amy's friend Jess, the only witness they have, who plays a dangerous game of seduction and lies. Meanwhile, Thomas’s girlfriend Miranda and her family are once again put in the firing line. 

Can Thomas get justice for Amy, solve the mystery of Karl’s past, and decide who he can really trust? 

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A trio of adult humour mini ebooks, plus a collection of adult comedy sketches.

The first trio are adult humour, mini ebooks - each one packed with over 100 themed gags / barbed comments. The fourth ebook is a collection of adult comedy sketch scripts (in case you've always wanted to have a go yourself). These ebooks developed from being part of the large and talented contributor teams for The Treason Show and NewsRevue.

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Covenant is a magical fantasy fiction for adults. You can read reviews here.
Available as a paperback from Waterstones and other good bookshops. 
Available as an ebook through and

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Superhero Club is a short fiction ebook for mid-grade / young adults. You can read reviews here.
Originally available through Musa Publishing (2011 - 2014) until the publisher ceased trading, I have now made it available through Sixpence Publishing on and
The book tackles the themes of bullying, friendship, self-acceptance and transformation. I'm exploring whether the book might be useful as an educational tool.

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My very short fiction has been included in the following paperback anthologies.

Coffee Shop Chronicles contains Diner - a dark tale about love and acceptance.
Available through A Word with You Press and Amazon.

Beyond the Horizon contains Rogue - a sci-fi story about what it is to be truly human.
Available through Bamboccioni Books, Kobo and Amazon.

Kissing Frankenstein & Other Stories contains The Spaces in Between - about where taking chances might lead you - and some ultra short six word stories.
Available through Amazon.