My books

Superhero Club - short fiction ebook for mid-grade / young adults. You can read reviews here.
Available through Musa Publishing as well as and

Covenant - mystical fantasy fiction. See novel page on this site. You can read reviews here.
Available as an ebook on and Amazon.comAvailable as a paperback from Waterstones and other good bookshops. 

The Silent Hills - short fiction thriller ebook. You can read reviews here.
Available through Musa Publishing as well as and

The Little Book of Cynics - a bite-sized humour book.

The Showreel Sketchbook - a collection of adult themed comedy sketch scripts for non-commercial use.

The Coffee Shop Chronicles anthology - Vol 1, Oh The Places I Have Bean - containing my short story Diner

Beyond the Horizon anthology - containing my short story Rogue

Kissing Frankenstein flash fiction anthology - containing my short story The Spaces in Between and others;jsessionid=0FA2BAA45406ED2158EE5E855B1BEAF5