TN - Big Data, UK
"Derek gets under the skin of the issue and writes compelling content that's informed and considered."

Kris - Freelance print and web designer, UK
"I'm more than happy with Derek's work. Very creative and professional."

Phil S - Creative Web Fusion, UK
"Was excellent. His SEO rewrite helped my website rankings greatly. Will use again and would recommend to anyone."

Kit S - Home Study Courses Ltd, UK
"An excellent writer who fully understood the brief, delivered on time and asked the right questions. Recommended."

Jeanine Naviaux - President, On the Inside Design, US 
"Derek worked with me on a promotional campaign to increase brand awareness. He combined product information with humor to give the campaign character and focus, showcasing the creative side of my business. He brought fresh ideas to the table and was a pleasure to work with!"

Liz Jacobs - Author, US 
"The editing was clear and concise and sensible. Derek offered his opinion in terms of contextual speech and technical grammar/spelling, while allowing me to maintain artistic integrity. Prompt and careful with his work, Derek is a fresh set of eyes for writers who may need some honing with their concept, as well as some technical cleaning up. Highly recommended!"

Julia Dennison - Editor, Intelligent Media Solutions, UK 
"It was well written, succinctly, and on time to the brief, which is exactly what I want out of an article. Thank you."

Thorn Sully - Editor-in-Chief, A Word with You Press, US 
"He additionally inspired writers to produce their best work. Excellent organizational skills and ability to conceptualize and then fulfill a final product."

Monika Spykerman - Content Editor, A Word with You Press, US 
“Derek possesses a profoundly desirable collection of qualities rarely found all together in the same person: editorial prowess, pitch-perfect tone for the job at hand, the ability to create instant organization out of what was previously chaos, a serious respect for deadlines, an exceptional - no, superlative - talent for copywriting, a ready and rapier-sharp wit, affability under pressure, and a great hat."

Becky Walsh - Stand-up Performer, UK 
"Derek's work is excellent. We talked many times on the phone so he had a good understanding of what I was looking for. He then gave more in terms of content than what was asked for on the brief. I am delighted."

Villayat Sunkmanitu - Proprietor, Wolf Photography, UK
“I hired Derek to help me get my poetry book ready for publication. He's also written some publicity materials to assist me in my current projects. I highly recommend him as an editor/writer."

Kyle Anthony - Client and former owner of a VW, US
"description = awesome, mind = blown"

Valery Astraverkhau - Ixvar, Canada
“Derek proved to be a high-class professional who delivers assignments before they are due. I'm trusting him with all writing / editing work."

Martin Wood - author of Deceivers Ever, UK
“He asked insightful questions and added realism to my characters and dialogue, bringing my manuscript to life with wit and polish. Recommended."

Amanda E Johnson - creator of Mommies' Priceless Moments, US
I wanted some editorial input and I found Derek a wonderful person to work with. I definitely recommend him. Not only did he do what I paid him to do in a professional and timely manner, he also went beyond what was expected and came up with new ideas and content. Down to earth and professional, what more could you ask for?"

Mo Bjornestad - CEO, SafeTFirst Corporation, US
“Derek displayed a passion for language and a willingness to spend time getting to understand my business. He took highly technical content and brought it to life, enabling me to showcase my business products and services to a wider audience. 

He demonstrated an ability to innovate by proactively creating a new core concept for my brand - collaborative citizenship 



I was able to call on his expertise whenever I needed to and he was flexible to my changing business priorities. I recommend him highly and plan to use his services again in the future. 

Please feel free to call me on 760-804-9500

 if you would like more specific feedback."

Candace Webster - Marketing, GOGI (Getting Out by Going In), US
"Derek Thompson was kind enough to volunteer to edit a section in one of 
GOGI's books. Derek was professional, competent and thorough. His editing skills were invaluable and greatly improved the quality of the final book."