Persistence wins out!

As I’ve probably mentioned before, there are few openings for freelance comedy writing.

You can craft your sitcom script or sketch show to your heart’s content but without an ‘in’, it will languish on a slush pile or even – as was the case for me – sit with a bonafide TV producer for 9 months – then get returned without any comment at all (Beyond: ‘I’m very busy.’).

Consequently, any radio shows offering openings to non-coms (non-commissioned writers) are treated like the first day of the sales – it’s all hands to the stampede. So, for the last 11 weeks, I and doubtless several dozen other writers, have been merrily and optimistically submitting topical gags and sketches to BBC Radio Scotland’s Watson’s Wind Up. It’s a funny show, focused predominantly on Scottish news and comment.

On the last ‘open’ show I finally heard my material and experienced the short-lived but singular joy of hearing my name mentioned in the credits. The producer was also kind enough to drop me a couple of encouraging emails. The payment when it comes won’t make me rich but it’s good practice signing a contract and it’s another twangy string for my bow. As it’s been 3 years now since I had material used by Channel 4 Radio, I’m hoping it’s a positive sign for the coming year.

Perhaps most importantly of all, it’s a named person in broadcasting to send a CV out to. Because you can never have too many of those.


  1. Derek says:

    Thank ye kindly both. Now I just need to shift the back catalogue of material ;o)

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