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Show me a person who doesn’t like the smell of money and I’ll show them to an Ear, Nose & Throat specialist. And that still holds for American money. So, without further ado, here’s a newsletter from a writing community that I frequent on the other side of the Atlantic. I’ve mentioned them before and I present again, the latest adventure from

News letter

Subject Line $100

We’ve come up with another contest and another chance for you to win a wallet-sized portrait of Ben Franklin.
The chance discovery of a 1929 edition of Literary Digest in the insulation of an old clap-board house inspires our current contest “Ain’t that Quaint.” An advertisement within the faded covers lists twenty truisms of the day, including such gems as “All bootleggers own high-powered cars” (well, don’t they?) or “Eating ice cream after eating lobster is fatal”. These and other words of wisdom are the prompts for the competition. Write about three of them and win a hundred bucks. Details here:

Congratulations to Juan Vandendorp, $100 winner of our previous contest The Coffee Shop Chronicles for his extraordinary piece, which beat out a hundred and fifty other entries. Read his prize winner here:

In other news, starting on June 27th, we will have two new features, The Artist Alcove edited by the talented and lovely Kristy Webster, which will expand our services to do for visual artists what we currently do for writers—contests, blogs, interviews, and an on-line gallery with a chance to show, sell, and buy original works of art. Sneak preview of what it’s all about? Check out Kristy’s greeting to you here:
(did I mention talented and lovely?)

This Sunday also marks the debut of Wuss n’ Boots, two felines currently residing in the UK who will appear as a weekly cartoon feature courtesy of their personal assistant, Ruth Joyce. The boys will dispense their wisdom to all you cat fanciers who just don’t understand kitty-hood. Read the strip, and send in your comments and questions and personal complaints about your kitties, and let Wuss n’ Boots resolve your issues and dissolve your worries. The cat is let out of the bag the 27th of June.

And our final bit of news, for those of you who are San Diego centric, A Word with You Press will host its first open mic night on Saturday, the 26th, the event a triple header-not only open mic but also a bar-b-que and surprise birthday party for the editor-in-chief (that would be me). Details here:

We’ve got tons of stuff going on, new features and a growing staff. Check out our new calendar of events, and our team bios when you come for a visit at
Next newsletter we’ll tell you about our non-profit program KidXpress that pairs at-risk kids with a writing mentor. We’ll crank up their abilities with the written word, and we’ll turn a dozen kids a month who hide in the back of English class hoping they are not called upon into published authors, in an anthology of their own. We’ll have a book signing, press alert and…but that in the next newsletter, along with an invitation for a roof top party at the 1010 Building on July 17th to watch the sun go down over the pier in Oceanside, California

Bye for now!

Thorn Sully

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