Out to Lunch or on to something?

Every writer knows what it is to create in a vacuum, producing material that few people may ever see. One way around this, to paraphrase Mickey Rooney, is to go and put on a show yourself.

Kathrin Smirke (I know, neat name for a comedy performer!) has taken this to heart by creating, writing, starring in and producing her own web series (two on the site and another in development).

Check out www.outtolunch.tv and you’ll find two films: The Pot Brownie and Pink Toilet Paper.

I won’t spoil the plots, but I will say what I like about the episodes. The production values are great, the pieces are a little quirky, there are some laugh out loud moments and it makes a nice change to see something on the web that isn’t just a swear-fest. (And yes, I know that comes across as a little ironic to anyone who’s ever been stuck in traffic with me.)

And most of all, it’s great to see someone getting out there and actually doing something creative, unlike some of the bitter and twisted bastards I encounter in the more run down parts of Netville.

Now, how can I make a sketch out of that?


  1. motheroad says:

    I like how when she opens the brownie we hear sitar music in the background.

    If you decide to start your own Derek Thompson-branded Internet TV channel, I would TOTALLY watch that. Because British people are naturally funnier than Americans. I know 'cuz I married one, and I laugh at my husband EVERY DAY.

  2. UBcome says:

    There's never been a better time for writers. As you say you can put the show on the road yourself…blog away.

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