How low can you go?

Wordcount, that is. The 100 word One Tight Write competition, run by A Word with You Press, is going great guns. It’s remarkable how much you can fit into such a small space, like the literary equivalent of the joke about fitting four elephants in a Mini.

There’s still time to enter – the competition, not the Mini (because it’s full of elephants, silly) and win the $100 – details here:
I’ve written 50 and 60 word stories in the past, but the most celebrated short story is surely Ernest Hemingway’s masterpiece: For sale: baby shoes. Never worn.

The Arvon Foundation ran its own six short words competition earlier this year and these were my entries (with thanks to fellow writer Susie, who is better at archiving my emails than I am):
One survives, one dies; now choose.

Last human, online; then instant message.

Congratulations! I blanch, knowing I’m impotent.

Good to see you again, Lucifer.

Published at last and no one suspects.

Till death us do part… goodbye.

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