Can’t see the tree for the… erm….

No, the image is not a Magic Eye picture of ET smiling, it’s the remainder of our much-loved, but much-addled Lawson’s Cypress tree from our garden.

When we could see right through one of the candelabra trunks and the split on two of them extended up from the base, it was clear that action needed to be taken. And while it’s a sad loss to the ambience of the garden, the front room (the tree was very close to the house) is much, much lighter now. Add to that the wide open space, the trailer load of logs now seasoning in a wood store and enough kindling in the future to toast the coldest of heart cockles, and you can see that there are many gains.
Similarly, I’ve come to a point in some of my writing projects where I’ve needed to take appropriate action, fell some longstanding ambitions (although not as long as the 75 years that the tree stood its ground) and clear space for other things. For example, I’ve been submitting to every series of a radio show without success and I’ve decided to call time on it. Elsewhere, my prices for some clients are under evaluation and I’m giving serious thought to streamlining my services.
Those kindly folk at Business Link have been offering guidance on sustainable enterprise and have also provided me with a website for my business. So if you have any writing or editorial requirements, you know where to come –

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