A Lovable* Rogue at the Halfway Point

It’s that time of the year when many writers see one of their seasonal offerings thrust out into the world. I’m talking of course about today, June 30th, being the halfway point in the calendar year.

It’s a good opportunity to pause and reflect and, as every ex project manager knows, it pays to review your progress at regular stages and see where the hell you are in relation to where you’d planned to be.
The latest good news is that a classic sci-fi story of mine called Rogue is included in Beyond the Horizon, published by Alasdair Firth’s Bamboccioni Books at the end of July. This brings my ‘ISBN by association’ tally to three this year (the others being The Wanderer and Coffee Shop Chronicles Vol 1). So far so good. I’ve also put together my first ebook – a drama resource of comedy sketches for non-profit use. A good friend of mine is, as we speak, combing through the collection of 30 or so sketches and probably weeding out the ones that relate to religion, sex and drugs. I haven’t quite figured out where it will be sold, but I have heard good things about Smashwords so that’s a possibility.
Longer term business clients have been crossing my path with e-silver, which is always gratifying. Meanwhile, my novels Covenant, Standpoint and Line of Sight continue to circulate through the letterboxes of agents and publishers, which I consider a bit of a no-score draw. As all writers know, submission is very much a waiting game with occasional pauses. But, in the spirit of the midpoint, I have chased up three contacts today to find out about my other submissions (you didn’t think that was ALL I was working on, surely!).
There have been one or two casualties along the way. I achieved my goal of a magazine column then promptly lost it upon the altar of economics. It was fun while it lasted although fun and well paid would have made for a more enjoyable experience. Still, one can’t have everything. And I’ve already mentioned the client who thought my working for two hours gratis would be an excellent way to demonstrate my ghostwriting skills. Gone but not forgotten.
My all-seeing spreadsheet tells me I have:
6 books collectively awaiting 11 responses
7 short stories collectively awaiting 11 responses
33 magazine submissions, pitches and queries awaiting a response
Anyway, I can’t sit here yapping all day – I have a deadline to meet. Here’s to the next six months!
* Spelling approved by my trusty copy of Guardian Style.

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  1. Deb says:

    Hi Derek!
    Congrats on Rogue! Well done! As for your other projects, they will all come to fruition. Keep on keeping on.

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