The joke’s on me

When I was a kid, one of the highlights of the run-up to Christmas was the epic Woolworths’ advert on TV. It was always longer than any other ad and starred proper celebrities like The Two Ronnies.None of which has any relevance to this post, but I thought I’d mention it.

What I do want to tell you about is my latest eBook – a Showreel Sketchbook that I’ve put together for non-profit events. It was created for people who want to try their hand at comedy sketches, but who don’t have their own material, and draws upon my experience writing for The Treason Show, The NewsRevue and several one-off shows.

The Showreel Sketchbook is available for £2.99 and you can purchase it here. There are no restrictions on non-commercial use, so the book could be used for showreels, drama groups, corporate events (one of my first comedy adventures) and parties.

The collection is a mixture of two-hander quickie sketches and longer set pieces, covering a range of topics including sex, drugs, teens and religion.

1. Work Rage
2. ID Card Secrets
3. Religious Service
4. Non-Emergency
5. Tony Tears Quickie
6. Pensioners Strike
7. The Three Rs
8. Jesus Woz Ere
9. Cyber-Bullying
10. Psychic Warning
11. Sex Talk
12. Human Hybrids
13. Nursery Rhyme
14. Gravedigger
15. Cash For Your Gold
16. Fertility Treatment
17. School Daze
18. Ambulance Quickie
19. Middle-Aged Teen
20. Vatican test
21. Dirt Quickie
22. Pets
23. Donor Fatigue
24. D-R-U-G-S
25. Chuggers
26. Surrogate Mum
27. A Bitter Pill
28. A Risky Business
29. Just The Ticket Quickie
30. Troubled Teens
31. Prison Service
32. Sharks
33. Church Against Yoga
34. He-Mail
35. Rule Britannia

And here’s a sample…

Donor Fatigue

Cast of two: Customer and Café Barista.

Customer: All the international disasters these days – it’s simply appalling!

Barista: I know! There was the tsunami, that hurricane, those wars, the famine and the nuclear you-know-what; it just goes on and on. It’s terrible.

Customer: Exactly! I mean – I’m not made of bloody money!

Barista: Right, then. That’s one large latte, one organic Danish and an Amaretto biscuit. That’ll be £8.20, please!


Don’t delay – purchase today!

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  1. James Cotter says:


    Are you based in the South West? It's just that I'm a member of a theatre company based in Exeter who have just completed their first production and we are looking for sketches for our next would any of this be of interest to you?

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