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In which our hero sees his future, attempts to change his past (which, from his future’s perspective is his present) and then his present’s past (which is the past from all perspectives except the past itself and the past before that).

Just as the clippings I preserved so diligently (even if I forgot about the ‘referring back to them’ part) led circuitously to many of the things I like to write about now, so too will my current interests act as seeds for a future harvest. But it’s not linear. Along the way, my enthusiasm for Green Living has led to writing about chickens and polar bears. An interest in personal experiences that shape someone’s outlook on life led to writing about my brother, my sister and – albeit semi-fictionalised – my own innocent abroad tale Scars & Stripes (second draft to be completed this year).
I’ve had a sea-change about the relevance to writing of both ebooks and social media. And while I can’t yet claim to have mastered wither, it’s clear from even my forays that social media and ebooks require a different mindset and a different model to develop a readership and a client base (which are arguably the same thing). Debate has raged (trust me, I get the emails) about the ways in which self-published and conventionally published authors of ebooks can promote their wares and themselves. I’ve yet to see a Twitter phenomenon who has built up his or her following predominantly from there, but I’m sure it’d be a tweet to behold (sorry, couldn’t resist it).
So integrated communications seems to be a future area of interest – and marketing, naturally. In fact, one could argue that writers could spend so much time connecting with their community and setting out their stall that they’ll cut back on time actually spent writing and editing. Which sounds an awful lot like the embodiment of empty vessels
With all that in mind, I’ll take this opportunity to remind you that I am available for freelance writing and editing, and that you can find me in the following places:
LinkedIn: derekthewriter

With a Facebook page to follow, my ubiquitousness will be complete. Until the next media tool comes around, of course.

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