Free Association Friday

Taking a leaf out of the Motheroad blog, which I periodically clog with irrelevant comments, here’s a list of things I’ve observed over the last couple of days:

1. A shop assistant on a till, asking the customer in front of me what the fruit or vegetable was that they’d plonked down – because they didn’t recognise it on sight. It was a marrow. Okay, botanically it’s a fruit although it’s used as a vegetable, but come on – really?

2. A job ad entitled Mortgage Broker / Opportunist. You’ve got to love their honesty.

3. A magazine I’d responded to that wanted a free article a month for the time being. When I asked about their model and timeline for paying writers for original content, I was advised that they would “…prefer someone who is more interested because they love to write, express and share.” And also that I “…don’t appear to fit with the goals of the magazine.”

To paraphrase something mentioned recently on the excellent Strictly Writing website. “Tell that to a plumber!”

4. Time is finite (hey, I never said this was going to be profound). Every half-started, unfinished project that loiters in my in-tray is taking up headspace. While I could argue – with myself – that anything that’s languished for months doesn’t merit further attention, that doesn’t clear it out of the tray. It also means recognising that some of the things I’ve spent time on have reached a natural conclusion.

5. Action really does speak louder than words.

6. Leave the wasps alone and they’ll leave you alone.


  1. motheroad says:

    I wouldn't say "clog." I'd go more with "grace."

    An audience reads my blog, but I'm really only writing for four people, and you're one of them. If my post merits a comment from you, then I figure it's a worthwhile post.

    What's a marrow?

    Re: Action speaking. Is that directed at me, since I owe you some notes on an e-book? Oy, the shame.

    I also, without knowing that you had mentioned me in your blog post today, mentioned YOU in MY blog post. How cosmic is that!

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