As Sofia over at Mother Road might say: Holy Crap!

Just when I was falling in love with Twitter, marvelling at its brevity, its nimble mini-urls and its ability to keep me entertained, I recently found that the cupboard was bare.
Well, not bare, just temporarily over-subscribed. And there was me thinking twitter only had eyes for me and all the people I follow.
It’s second nature now to pop in and read what everyone has to say, see who’s doing what and add my two penn’orth. Or, as the bumper book of internet wisdom would have me believe, building my profile.
Faced with an impenetrable screen – and believe me I did try – I had to fall back upon my wits and actually write something.
PS Call me a cynic, but the birds are flying in different directions and the strings aren’t taut. I think we’re looking at a moment in time, before several birds get very wet indeed and sink without trace.

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