Lightbulb moments

1. If you acted on every request to visit a site, check out a link, comment on a blog, read a blog and read the white paper you’d decided you had to download, you’d never get any actual work done (although you would make a lot of other people happy). It follows then that you can’t keep everybody happy, so choose wisely and keep a balance between other people’s needs and your own.

2. Competitions and publicity are both good for the soul and useful for raising your profile, but they don’t always immediately result in increased sales. You have to fly that flag!

3. Those pellet-like things in the back garden, which look a little like miniature coffee beans are not the poo of some exotic mammal. They are in fact ivy berries. And if you’d realised this early on – or better yet listened to Anne – you could have saved 15 minutes of fruitless (excuse the pun) web searching.

4. When you’ve finished mourning the magazines and websites you’ve written for in the past that have gone bust, rejoice anew because the rights to the content are yours.

5. You’re a writer not a marketeer (are they the ones in the mouse hats and t-shirts?). If nothing seems to be happening, go and write something.

6. Everything has its seasons and cycles. And each of those seasons has a purpose.

7. For some reason, people really like lists that contain a minimum of seven items.


  1. Amaleen Ison says:

    I love your lightbulb moments, especially the one about the ivy berries. That had me laughing out load. I could almost imagine the conversation you and Anne prior to trawling the internet.

  2. Finding balance in #1 is where I struggle…sage advice 🙂 Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm going to poke around yours.

  3. Derek says:

    Hi Amaleen, fortunately Anne is used to me by now. I think it was breaking the chair with frozen chicken pieces that showed her I have my own way of seeing and seeing things.

    Hi Raelyn, I guess that makes us blog buddies. While you're surfing, I recommend the blogs of Chloe and Amaleen, above.

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