We are family

As much as we writers like to be independent souls, there is strength to be had in numbers. Within Musa Publishing there are, at the last count, 98 authors on the list. And more titles and writers are joining the list every month. It makes for lively discussions and has certainly given me an insight into genres I’ve never encountered before.

Whether it’s Regency, Romance, LGBT, Erotic or Young Adult, the mechanics of writing are the same. Blood, toil, sweat, tears and the occasional adverb (only occasionally, mind) all thunder through the keys to produce a story that will appeal to its target audience and hopefully readers new to the genre.
So, whatever you think your genre is, I invite you to take a adventurous trip through the blogs of my fellow Musans by using the buttons below. They’re a welcoming bunch and they’ll be glad to have you drop in. And why not leave a comment to let them know you’ve called?
(Had I a better mastery of blogspottery, I would have reviewed a few books and added the cover images, but for some reason I can only add one image at the top.)


  1. Amaleen Ison says:

    What a great introduction for the Musa blog hop. Yours should be the first blog on the list to prepare readers for the feast of lovely books available.

  2. I knew there was a lot. I didn't realise there were that many. Considering how long Musa has been going they've done so well and I hope go from strength to strength. And yes, although being a writer is solitary, it's great to be part of something with others.

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