Flash Fiction that speaks for itself

Once upon a time, not so long ago, a kindly editor – by the name of Rachel Carter – brought together a disparate bunch of writers in the West Country to create a flash fiction anthology.

Fortunately, my off-colour comments didn’t put her off any and five of my shortest pieces have been added to the pot. (I should point out here that, as far as I know, I’m the only writer who noticed the loophole that didn’t specify a limit on entries.) 

Kissing Frankenstein & Other Stories, which takes its title from an entry by prize-winning writer Tania Hershman, is packed to the gills with intelligent, diverse and surprising flash fiction. Think of it as the bonsai of literature.

The anthology of 53 pieces, by writers from all over the West Country, was produced in celebration of National Flash-Fiction Day, which is on May 16th this year.

Along with all the other writers involved, I’d like to thank Rachel Carter and her team of word elves who made it all possible.

It’s a great little read that loses nothing in its brevity and can be purchased here.


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