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Not the prettiest image, unless you’re a jobbing writer.

I’ve said in the past that I’m a big fan of short story competitions. You are usually presented with a theme, a word count and a deadline – and all for no more than a nominal entry fee (we can have that debate some other time).

Even if you don’t win a prize, you’ve still come out on top because, if you’ve written something new, you’ll have an original piece of work inspired by the comp requirements. Which means you have something else to add to your portfolio, sell on, use in a blog post, or rework into something different.

But, let’s face facts for a moment, the big happy ending is becoming a prize winner. So allow me to share my joy at getting a ‘olympic silver’ in the Arc / Tomorrow Project fiction competition, for Perfect Circle.

My thanks to Intel, New Scientist. Reed Business Information and Simon Ings.

But mostly, my thanks to Write This Moment for bringing the competition to my attention. Another year’s subscription that was money well spent! 

Perfect Circle tells the tale of Billy Cloudsbury, who finds out he has a deceptively simple – and rare – talent. You can read the story here.

Now, some of you out there have been asking about my fantasy, Covenant, which is due for self-publication this month. It’s still on the way in paperback and I’m also playing around with ebook formats. Expect an announcement in the next two or three weeks.

And then there’s the tale of a hellish takeover, but that’s another story altogether!


  1. Sandra Davies says:

    Congratulations on your silver – well-deserved I'm absolutely certain.

  2. Derek says:

    Thank you both. Perfect Circle was one of those joys where a story appears, follows its own logic and then comes to a natural conclusion.

  3. SolariC says:

    I read the story. I really liked it – very multi-dimensional. My favorite element, though, was the subtle development of Billy's character into quite an admirable protagonist.

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