A little bit of magic!

If you’ve ever walked up a steep hill, or climbed a mountain, or run a marathon, or triumphed over seemingly impossible odds, you’ll know about the moment. It’s hard to define, but it’s a silent sense of wonder and awe and relief and inner joy all rolled into one.

My mountain, which became a steep hill and then, finally, a playful gallop, is the path to publication for my novel Covenant. Yes, it’s here at last – first and an ebook and then shortly to follow as a paperback. And just in time for Christmas…

In many ways, Covenant’s journey is a reflection of my journey as a writer. How it looked at the beginning bears little resemblance to the finished product, but there are elements still in there that harken back to the soul of the original. The characters ended up going in different directions to how I expected, and I have to admit that the book is better for it.

So I’m taking a little breather now before the next ascent. No book is ever created in isolation and I’d especially like to thank the following people, who’d kept faith with the project and continue to keep me on track:
Nancy Zilch, Villayat Sunkmanitu, Warren Stevenson and Sarah Wiles.

Cue music!

Okay, here’s the back cover text:

Isca has followed the faith since childhood, taking her from the Settlements and into the City States. Now, as a priestess, a prophecy bears fruit; she receives a stone tablet to liberate her people and reveal their spiritual homeland.
In order to preserve the faith, she must be willing to teach the path of True Will to a heathen, whatever the consequences. When a stranger appears in the city of Tarsis, he uncovers the truth about the tablet and the boy chosen to protect it. But what if the long-awaited Righteous One isn’t so righteous after all?

And here’s the foreword:

Covenant is a fantasy, inspired by the Western Mysteries. It can be read as a magical quest without any specialist knowledge, and will also be appreciated by those readers with an interest in meditation, mysticism, the tarot, path-workings and the Tree of Life.
The archetypal landscape still calls to us in the language of visions and dreams. It’s a realm dimly remembered, and eagerly sought, where the light of our True Will shines strong amid the shadows of the Unseen.
“Serve the Many through the One and Serve the One through the Many.”

The ebook version is available through Amazon here:

Amazon UK
Amazon outside the UK

More news on the paperback soon. Meantime, I’m available for interviews aplenty, about Covenant, about why I decided to self publish, and about what I’m working on now!


  1. Chloe says:

    Yay! *round of applause and a shower of those foil-type-things that get showered over people on such celebratory occasions*

    Hate reading on a screen so I'll be waiting for the paperback – but will definitely be giving it a go 🙂 (I thought it was only going to be digital and was resigned to reading it on my laptop – I would've done it, but even more excited about a paperback!)

  2. Derek says:

    Hi, Chloe, I'm not sure what the foil type-things are either! Yes, paperback to follow and I'm also looking forward to that tangible book in my hands. I trust you enjoyed the music link too – stirring stuff.

  3. Congratulations Derek,

    I'm waiting for the Paperback too! Let me know when it's in print. I take it you'll be selling some signed copies from your website?

  4. It'll be interesting to see how many people will support you re raising awareness of 'Covenant'… especially after all the hard work you have put into supporting your creative colleagues.

  5. Julie says:

    Oh, I'm late to see this, but congratulations!! The Covenant sounds excellent and I am adding it to my "to read" list right now. What a great analogy for this process. I'm giving you and your magical moment a huge round of applause!!

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