Month: September 2013

Why the unknown is a writer’s friend

Get ready guys because the sun is coming…probably. Life is uncertainty. And I’m pretty certain about that. It’s true for writing as well, of course. Characters walk a tightrope that’s fixed to idea at one end and completion at the other. Far below in those chasmy* depths lurk cliche, overworked allegory, formula and a host …

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What is a blog for? Over to you.

If blogs were logs and my computer were a garage. As some of you know, I recently experimented with a giveaway for my fantasy novel, Covenant. Around the same time, I decided I needed to review the way I use social media and evaluate what I give to it and what I get back in …

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The beer essentials

One of the main ways I reveal character on the page is by letting my protagonists and antagonists do something. It can be a simple thing, a difficult thing, or a private thing. Sometimes it’s the way they eat a sandwich and sometimes it’s the way they stop a psychopath hitman who has a penchant …

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