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One of the main ways I reveal character on the page is by letting my protagonists and antagonists do something. It can be a simple thing, a difficult thing, or a private thing. Sometimes it’s the way they eat a sandwich and sometimes it’s the way they stop a psychopath hitman who has a penchant for other people’s watches. One time it was the way a character took a wizz.
Heineken® has a new campaign takes that idea to extremes. They take men from all over the world and put them in unexpected and challenging travel situations, with minimal provisions and directions. when I say ‘put’, I mean ‘dropped’. Imagine Challenege Anneka meets Appointment with Fear.
The wily folk at Heineken® seek to answer the question: Are legends made or born. And, secondarily, what beer do they drink? (I’d give you a hint, but you can work it out for yourself.)
‘Dropped’ is their series of episodic adventures. Just like the movies: an ordinary guy in an extraordinary situation. ‘Voyage’ is the fifth instalment, available on various platforms: broadcast, digital and mobile. There’s also a Heineken® Dropped YouTube channel, where you can follow progress (or not!), add your own entries and potentially get the chance to have your own legendary travel adventure.  

What’s clever here (and cleverly links back to my original point) is that each ‘Dropped’ adventure is personalised around the character of the protagonist – apparently it’s also unscripted.

So what can writers learn from this?
– Engage readers beyond the boundaries of your book by offering extra media content.
– Factor in a multimedia campaign and consider setting up your own Youtube channel, especially if you write a series.
– Give your characters challenges that are specific to who they are and where they find themselves.
– And whatever you do, watch out for clowns. 

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