Month: July 2014

Lessons from the Freelancing Frontline

Time and tide wait for no one in plimsolls. Freelance writing can be a movable feast and sometimes the table seems to be on castors with you running behind, reaching for nibbles. It’s all too easy to go from week to week, or month to month, without looking up occasionally and smelling the coffee peppermint tea. A …

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The Grapes of Roth

A chicken in every pot and a trash can for every home. I watched a two-part interview with American author Philip Roth recently – interviewed by Alan Yentob with additional contributions from Salman Rushdie and Edna O’Brien. The dialogues were intercut with archive film footage that captured turbulent times in the American psyche.I will confess …

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July 4th

Every item tells a story. That’s right folks, it’s an on-the-hoofer…Well, of course I wasn’t going to let US Independence Day pass without a blog post. After all, as someone once said, parodying a comment allegedly made about Billy Connolly and the shipyards, I spent one year living there and 25 years talking about it. (To …

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