Not Quite the Status Quo

Hello there,

Thanks for stopping by.  We may or may not know one another – it’s even possible you found me by chance. Nonetheless, pull up a pew.

Of late, in this blog, I’ve talked about the identity crisis writers can face – and the one that I experience on a regular basis. Apart from, perhaps, plays and poetry, I’ve dipped my quill in most of the inkwells out there: short fiction, long fiction, jokes, sketches, monologues, parody songs, greetings cards, branding, copywriting, articles and features, speeches and speech rewrites. Plus blogging, of course – for me and for others.

Anyway, it occurred to me this morning that a good blog is a conversation and not merely a monologue. And that brings me to you, dear reader. My blog post title is a clue to the point of this point – Whatever You Want. (See what I did there? Sure you did.)

I’ve been doing this for a fair wee while now and it may just be that I have an answer for your question, a solution for your writing conundrum, or a match for your candle. Why not see if that’s the case and ping me a writing related question in a comment (let’s keep it clean, people). 

I’ll answer them in one post, or maybe dedicate a separate post for something meaty. Remember, it’s whatever is useful to you.

Like the dog we once had that used to raid the bin regularly, I’m at your disposal.


  1. Monika says:

    I have a couple questions, actually.

    Firstly, What makes you think you're a writer?–and I absolutely do not mean that sarcastically. I mean, when was the first time you thought: THIS IS WHAT I AM: I AM A WRITER. Was it something that came from inside, or something that someone else inspired you to think about yourself?

    Secondly, What keeps you writing when you are discouraged?

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