Month: November 2014

Top ten excuses for not paying up

One of the benefits of a conventional employer / employee relationship – apart from the free pens – is the certainty of a regular salary. However, when you step off that merry-go-round and join the freelance dodgems, all manner of hurdles can get in the way.Here’s my countdown of the inexcusable, the incomprehensible and the downright …

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Looking sharp

You don’t have to be smart these days to recognise a SMART goal when you see one. Sing it with me, people:SpecificMeasurableAchievableRealisticTime-boundSMART goals are really useful, both personally and professionally, giving shape and definition to abstract aspirations. Those five filters are also a great way of applying a little objectivity.However…Not so long ago I was …

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The Silenced Hills

Image by kind permission of Kelly Shorten and Musa Publishing All writers love stories, and some say that the best comedians are really storytellers – with a bit of tragedy thrown in for good measure. I’m not really sure where this tale fits, but I’ve been itching to share it with you.Back in the mists of …

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