Looking sharp

You don’t have to be smart these days to recognise a SMART goal when you see one. Sing it with me, people:

SMART goals are really useful, both personally and professionally, giving shape and definition to abstract aspirations. Those five filters are also a great way of applying a little objectivity.


Not so long ago I was on the member’s forum for Sophie Lizards’ http://beafreelanceblogger.com and the community was discussing blog post ideas. I got to thinking then that maybe it was time for a new acronym for goals (I’m also a fan of new proverbs, as any reader of The Little Book of Cynics or As Above So Below magazine can attest).

Hence, SHARP goals!

Singular – A defined objective that can be a subset of something larger.
Holistic – All implications and impacts on environment and people have been considered, as well as how achieving this fits in with the bigger picture. (If you achieve ‘X’, then what?)
Ambitious – This  goal stretches you and demonstrably furthers your ambitions.  In other words, this goal matters and takes you forward.
Reasoned – You’ve thought this through and determined that, all things considered, this makes sense for you to do right now.
Practical – You understand the steps necessary to achieve the goal.

How do you decide which goals are the right ones for you?

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