Line of Sight – now available on Kindle

Line of Sight is published by Joffe Books

There’s a certain irony in my absence from my writing blog. That’s right – I’ve been busy writing.  Plus some editing too. And a few rewrites. And several sentence fragments. Like that one.

My second thriller (can you have a debut sequel if it’s part of a series?), Line of Sight, is now available on Kindle. It follows the continuing story of Thomas Bladen and his work as pretty much the only civilian member of the Surveillance Support Unit. 

Based upon reader feedback I can safely say, if you enjoyed Standpoint, you’ll love Line of Sight. It deals with some of the consequences of the first book and gives you a greater insight into Thomas’s sidekick, Karl McNeill, and why he plays his cards so close to his chest. 

There’s an updated glossary of British slang used in the book and a host of interesting key words to search out on the Internet afterwards, including: Meccano, Bagpuss, Wormwood Scrubs, Ride of the Valkyries, Red Caps, the marvel that is the A406 – and its big brother the M25, funeral etiquette and the Vikings.

In other words, Line of Sight slots right into the world of Thomas Bladen and the SSU, while taking the reader further afield. I know authors are meant to say this, but LoS has been a labour of love. When I started it there wasn’t a publisher or agent on the horizon so I wrote it because I wanted to ask that most tantalising of questions: What happened next?

Having answered that with a whole new book, the question I’m pondering now is: Well, what happened after that?

Stick around, things might get complicated!

Line of Sight on Amazon UK

Line of Sight on Amazon US

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