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A while back I was reading about crowd-sourcing and the flak that the actor and writer Zach Braff received when he opted to use a crowd-sourcing site to get funding for a movie. 

In a filmed reply he said that he had supported other creative projects as a funder, and that the main players in the industry were still reluctant to back one of his projects financially. Therefore, it made sense to try the same avenue. 

Critics said he was sucking out funding from other projects because of his fame. His response was that, if you don’t enjoy the things he does, don’t fund them. However, he added, check out all the other great projects that need backing – and if you see one you like the look of, back that one instead.

Books, like the movies, are awesomely diverse. If my thrillers are not your bag (even after you’ve bought one and started reading), don’t let that put you off thrillers, or Brit thrillers, or reading in general. 

Reading is more than just words. It’s about empowerment, connection, finding a voice that speaks to you and, perhaps, developing a creative voice of your own. 

Here’s a graphic from that paints an eye-opening picture. 

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