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Just for fun (and private research!), I asked a few writer friends what their definition is of success. Re-reading the list, it’s surprising how diverse the answers are. Have  read and see what you think.

However you define it, may you succeed in your creative endeavours and attain your grail.

Jane Pollard

IMO there are four stages of success:  
First: Actually completing your book after all the false starts, doubts and revisions. 
Second: Having it accepted by a publisher who believes in both the book and you as an author.  
Third: Sales resulting from word-of-mouth recommendation – the best possible advertising.
Fourth: Using all you’ve learned to make the next book even better.

Jane is a prolific author and tutor.

Martin Bodenham 

For me, success is defined as those rare moments when I learn that my writing has made a genuine emotional connection with the reader, such as demonstrated by the following Amazon review for my thriller novel, The Geneva Connection:

“I bought this novel as a gift for my dad. He had recently been diagnosed with Alzheimers and was having difficulty with reading, among other things. So, he bought a Kindle. This was one of the first stories he read on it. I can’t even explain how wonderful it was when dad realized he could read again, and he finished this in a weekend. So, I’m posting this review for him.

Dad has spent years reading every political intrigue book he could find. He absolutely loved The Geneva Connection and ranks it in his top 10. Highly recommended read for everyone.”

Martin writes international thriller novels.  More information can be found on his author website:

Chloe Banks

I guess to me success is… achieving a goal – whether that’s a 

competition win, publication or just finishing a first draft – through hard-work and against the odds. If it comes easy, or all the odds are in your favour it’s luck; if you’ve created it for yourself, it’s success.

Chloe blogs at and her novel, The Art of Letting Go, is currently a finalist in the People’s Book Prize, so there’s still time to read it and vote for it (my words, not hers).


Samantha Tonge

For me success is all about selling books – not for the money
nor for fame (fat chance of that anyway!) but because it means I am reaching an audience. And that for me is the whole point of writing. I have never been a writer who has simply written for themselves.


Villayat SnowMoonWolf Sunkmanitu

If someone can be inspired or motivated towards a better 

place in their own journey as a result of my work – or if someone can begin to understand the difficulties that people living with trauma face on a daily basis, I’ll have achieved what I’ve set out to do.

Wishing you all a very berry Christmas and a fruitful 2016! 

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