Ta Da List!

Even though the year has barely started and my previous post is already a distant memory some writers have been in touch about how they want to approach 2016 differently. 

Kath Morgan is opted for the challenge of 52 Artist Dates this year. Others have talked in general terms about being more focused, or committing to deadlines.

Here’s a mini list to get you started.

In 2016 I will / might / hope to….

– Write something EVERY day. 
– Treat writing time as special and not something I cram in between TV and biscuits (and yes, of course I mean me!).
– Experiment with my writing, trying new genres and new types of writing.
– Seek out objective feedback so I can develop as a writer.
– Work on my synopsis / pitch / introductory letter. Each one is as essential as a good manuscript.
– Get involved in the writing community, whether it be forums, a blog, a writers’ group or sharing feedback.
– Enjoy my successes. I earned ’em!

In case you haven’t already heard me whooping from the rooftops, my three thrillers (Standpoint, Line of Sight, and Cause & Effect) have been released as an ebook anthology, Spy Chaser. A paperback anthology will be available later this year.

Read the Thomas Bladen story so far, cover to cover.
“Classic spy novels with a distinctly British twist.”

Spy Chaser is published by Joffe Books.


  1. Kath Morgan says:

    Here's to an even more successful 2016. You're certainly going the right way about it with those resolutions.

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