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How many of us have travelled into work or sipped our morning coffee at home, thinking about how we’d commit the perfect crime? Since Edgar Allan Poe’s The Rue Morgue was first published in 1841 we’ve taken short crime fiction to our darkened hearts like no other genre. Revenge, justice, greed, power, madness, the thrill of it, a crime of passion, an unfortunate mistake or a matter of business – take your pick. 

Luckily, ten members of the International Thriller Writer’s Organisation have already done the thinking for you in Capital Crimes  – an exciting anthology of short stories with a foreword by internationally acclaimed novelist and best-selling author, Peter James. 

And for a limited period, crime does pay – for you, the reader. Capital Crimes is available as a FREE download until February 19th. It’s also available in print.

It’d be a crime to miss out!

Information provided by my fellow ITW member, Charlie Cochrane.

Mysteries with a dash of slash, romances with just a pinch of spice.

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