Standpoint – now that’s what I call advertising!

Of course you can buy lots of other things for the same price – although not in pound shops. You could buy chocolate (and lord knows I’ve roadtested that idea), but it’ll make you fat – or hungry. You could buy a proportion of a coffee from a high street chain, and share it with a stranger. Or not. You could buy a newspaper and depress yourself to the point where you never want to leave your home again. You could pile up 99 pennies and throw them in the air while listening to Nena’s Ninety-nine red balloons, but they’ll hurt when they come back down again.

Or you could just chance 99p on a standalone, honest to goodness British thriller (with a nod to Raymond Chandler, Victor Canning, Reginald Hill, Harlan Coben, John le Carre, and Len Deighton). 

If you enjoy intrigue, action, sardonic humour and some heartfelt swearing, this could be the perfect gift for you or someone you love. Or someone you think deserves a good read but whom you value at less than a £1 outlay.

Thomas Bladen has been living a double life for two years. True, he’s a government photographer. But he works in the Surveillance Support Unit, a shadowy department that loans officers to law enforcement, intelligence and other organisations in need of evidence gathering and discreet document deliveries.

He has his life in neat little compartments: job, Miranda and her family (a story in itself), and the family he left back in Yorkshire. One day on surveillance at Harwich Port changes everything. With an eye for the details other people miss, and a talent for finding trouble, soon his work and his private life are on a collision course.

Can one good man hold the line without crossing it?

Standpoint – the first book in the Spy Chaser series, published by Joffe Books. Come and see where it all began. 

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