Month: November 2016

More fun with numbers

Everybody loves a sequel, right? Terminator 2, Airplane 2, Dogma 2  (just in case Kevin Smith is out there reading this…). Back in 2015 I wrote a blog post that generated a bit of a debate with fellow writers – but no comments! – and it’s time for a follow-up.Since June 2015 two books has …

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Shadow State – using the force

Even if you don’t believe in destiny you probably accept the word of Sir Isaac Newton. His ‘three laws’, unlike Isaac Asimov’s (now that’s what I call a literary reference), underpin not only our understanding of physics, but also of daily life and writing.The First Law states that:a) An object at rest remains at rest …

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The Information Game

Even before I became an emerging author (that middle ground between no longer debut and nowhere near established!) I thought it sensible to turn a well-worn adage, ‘write about what you know’, on its head. Far better, in my opinion, to say: ‘know what you’re writing about’. That usually means one of two things: 1.     …

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