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Make Believe for Grown Ups

Creative thinking and the use of the imagination are often hailed as two of the secrets to productivity, originality and a whole bunch of other ‘alities’ (except banality). Most people can remember a time when, as children, we would play as characters from TV, the cinema or books, or even from our own imaginings. I’m …

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Character forming

I’ve been editing my second thriller, Line of Sight, a work in progress. Perhaps because I know the characters better (from Standpoint), I find it easier to get swept along with the manuscript as a book and sometimes have to pull myself back to the editor’s chair. One thing I have observed is the way …

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Who’s in charge here?

There comes a point when you’re writing a novel, if you’re lucky, when the characters start to wander off in different directions. Different, that is, from the paths you’ve carefully laid out for them using your Plotter-matic 5000 (or A4 pages taped together). This has happened to me in three books now and always at …

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