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The Stand-Up Comedown

(Inspired by https://substack.com/@jessdelfino, who did it better!) I’m a writer, first and foremost. There is no page small enough that I can’t hide behind. But when I attended a writers’ conference, and they invited us to fill some guest spots in an evening’s entertainment, well that was too tempting to resist. Some of the details …

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Often, in the frenetic pursuit of publication and plaudits, it’s easy to forget why we became writers in the first place. Back in the day, when I picked up a pen and scribbled notes down in my teens, I wasn’t thinking about seeing my name in lights. I was spending time alone, trying to make …

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Out to Lunch or on to something?

Every writer knows what it is to create in a vacuum, producing material that few people may ever see. One way around this, to paraphrase Mickey Rooney, is to go and put on a show yourself. Kathrin Smirke (I know, neat name for a comedy performer!) has taken this to heart by creating, writing, starring …

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