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Change Please – Part 1

Magnolia needn’t be dull. No, not a promo for one of my excellent and delightfully affordable ebooks; instead, a pause for reflection. If writing teaches us anything, it’s that change is inevitable. The blank page, if worked upon, becomes a tentative piece of writing and then develops into something. (Even disillusionment is something!)The same is …

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Beating the odds

Key inventions that changed the world. No 24: The pooper scooper.     All freelance writers have a perennial set of challenges to get their heads around: – Writing content to order. – Meeting deadlines. – Revising work where requirements have changed or were less than…ahem…fully defined. – Establishing which rights are being sold and who …

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Compensation: nil – comrades in alms

I enjoy Craigslist. Just so we’re clear on that from the beginning. I used to love it and flit from opportunity to opportunity like a beguiled honey bee. Then the novelty eventually wore off a little. Still, I’ve made great contacts, earned good money and even, here and there, made enduring cyber buddies. Increasingly though, …

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