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One year on

It’s tempting to see the world of publication – and self-publicaton especially – as purely a numbers game. That makes for a simple equation: ‘n’ sales = ‘n’ success. Likewise, using that logic, small sales = small success. But is that always the case?It’s a little over a year now since I took the plunge …

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Feedback Deciphered

By any other name… For those who think sequentially, feel free to consider this post a direct descendant of something I put on Strictly Writing, not so long ago, just for fun.Rejection can be a bitter pill to take, not least because it isn’t always clear what to do next. Oh, sure, you can dive …

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Creativity, illness and The Silent Hills

A recent piece on the BBC website by Health report Michelle Roberts, caught my attention. Headlined ‘Creative minds mimic schizophrenia’, the article cited a conclusion drawn by scientists at Sweden’s Karolinska Institute.In essence, brain scans of highly creative people and those who suffer from schizophrenia show striking similarities.You can read the BBC piece here: http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/10154775.stmWe …

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