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All For One – Anthologies

One of the more obvious challenges a writer faces is how to fill a book. Ask any novelist and they will likely tell you that the second half of a novel is easier to write because the characters and plot are already well established, and part two is often largely about resolving the consequences of …

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Story time

An early form of tablet, which wasn’t very portable. As the old joke* goes, “What’s the difference between a short story and a novel?” Answer: The word count. Ask any creator of short fiction and they will tell you how much focus and effort and, well, creativity it takes to produce a work of short …

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Flash Fiction that speaks for itself

Once upon a time, not so long ago, a kindly editor – by the name of Rachel Carter – brought together a disparate bunch of writers in the West Country to create a flash fiction anthology.Fortunately, my off-colour comments didn’t put her off any and five of my shortest pieces have been added to the …

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