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Stand by Your Plan

A lightbulb moment without the bulb. Recently, a flurry of LinkedIn messages (thanks, all, by the way) reminded me that this is the anniversary month for daring to stick my head above the parapet and call myself a writer – for pay. I did things a little out of sequence, having previously reached two writing milestones:a) …

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The less said the better

A spelling bee perhaps? When David French and I wrote The Little Book of Cynics (this is the bit where “Collectors’ Item” ought to flash in neon), we were following in a long tradition of encapsulating ideas in as few words as possible. Nowadays we associate such brevity with advertising and corporate branding, but thought-provoking …

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brought to book – part 1

Someone recently asked me about my membership of the Society of Authors. ‘How come,’ they said with an arched eyebrow, ‘You’re a member of the society but you’ve yet to have any of your novels published?’ Well, seeing as you asked … For years, on the quiet, David French and I have been producing our …

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