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Room for a Review

All writers love feedback. Granted, some of those early nuggets of insight may have stung like a somersault into a wasps’ nest; and even some of the later, apparently well-meaning critiques were as welcome as a phone call to discuss your gas supplier when you’re desperate to reach the loo.But a review that gets the essence …

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One year on

It’s tempting to see the world of publication – and self-publicaton especially – as purely a numbers game. That makes for a simple equation: ‘n’ sales = ‘n’ success. Likewise, using that logic, small sales = small success. But is that always the case?It’s a little over a year now since I took the plunge …

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The sweet spell of success

Writers can be a little like children, who only stick with the kids that enjoy the same games. Only, in our case, we writers can suffer from genre-phobia.  Silly really, because the writing process is the same (inspiration, torture and progress, in that order) and the elements of good writing are the same (captivating plot, …

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