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Writers – Stop Saying Sorry!

I am not, by nature, one of life’s ranters. However, from time to time I encounter something – usually, it has to be said, in my own behaviour – that makes me inwardly seethe. (Except, being British, it amounts to polite irritation and some low decibel tutting.)The most recent example, a discussion about the validity of …

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2015, thanks for everything.

Branching out. It’s been a funny old year. In a good way, I mean. I started 2015 with the familiar writer-inbox staring game familiar to anyone who has both a Labrador and a biscuit tin. And then, as if by magic (because it was certainly magical at the time) I had a book deal for …

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Often, in the frenetic pursuit of publication and plaudits, it’s easy to forget why we became writers in the first place. Back in the day, when I picked up a pen and scribbled notes down in my teens, I wasn’t thinking about seeing my name in lights. I was spending time alone, trying to make …

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