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One year on

It’s tempting to see the world of publication – and self-publicaton especially – as purely a numbers game. That makes for a simple equation: ‘n’ sales = ‘n’ success. Likewise, using that logic, small sales = small success. But is that always the case?It’s a little over a year now since I took the plunge …

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On the campaign trail

Feeling like a number one. As Twitter reminded me today, according to Albert Einstein, doing the same thing over and over, while expecting different results, is a sign of madness. Or it could have been Rita Mae Brown. Anyway, whoever it was, they had a point. Self-publishing is half of an ‘A frame’ and without the …

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Ghosts in the Machine

I don’t profess to be particularly technically minded; I still don’t understand how to get more than a hollow sneer out of my Adsense account, for example (or Absense, as I’ve lately thought of it). And I also haven’t got my head around the finer points of improving the rating on this blog and my …

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