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Not a poet and I know it

I recently attended a couple of events at this year’s Penzance Literary Festival. The first was a writing and mythology workshop, facilitated by poet and prose writer Angela Stoner. I mucked in as a steward for one event the following day and that turned out to be Angela’s as well. I hope to interview her …

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Co-Dependence weekend

When you think about it, people care more for mythology than they do for truth. Over the years I’ve met people of all persuasions (forgive the irony) who refused to shift their position in the fact of new evidence. Whether it’s Churchill’s proposal for a United States of Europe or whatever really happened on that …

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The writing on the wall

There are some books that immediately speak to some inner part of us. Within a page or two we are entranced, with that same focus and attention that we had as children when we read under the covers because we couldn’t bear to leave a chapter unfinished. While writers such as Tolkien and J K …

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