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Make Believe for Grown Ups

Creative thinking and the use of the imagination are often hailed as two of the secrets to productivity, originality and a whole bunch of other ‘alities’ (except banality). Most people can remember a time when, as children, we would play as characters from TV, the cinema or books, or even from our own imaginings. I’m …

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Thieves, Betrayers and Liars!

Thieves, Betrayers and Liars. No, not politicians; I am of course talking about writers. We take whatever’s useful from the world around us. A line of dialogue heard at the bus stop, the core of a tragedy from the news, a scene that plays out before us in everyday life – we observe, we listen …

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A little perspective please

You’d be forgiven for thinking that life is just a series of trials and tribulations, followed by an inevitable decline and death. And thanks so much for coming. It’s not difficult to find reasons to be despondent – the weather, the recession, climate change, the list goes on. But… let’s not also forget that people …

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