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Port Eliot 4 – Enough Already!

Okay, just this one and then I’ll shut up about it. As you’ll have gathered, we enjoyed Port Eliot a great deal – all the photos are Anne’s, by the way. There’s such a range of authors and performers that there’ll always be something to inspire, entertain or crush you (because the person speaking is …

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Port Eliot 3 – Observations

Notes jotted down from Port Eliot: 1. The literary scene is an exclusive club made up of people who went to Oxford or Cambridge and / or who have an MA in Creative Writing. There are other clubs, however. 2. It’s de rigeur to have at least one friend named Harriet, Chloe, Marcel, Rudyard or …

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Port Eliot 2 – Caravan Envy

I imagine that staying in a Gypsy bow-top caravan is a lot like having a novel published. Not only is it a satisfying experience, but it also provokes a wide range of responses from other people (especially when it’s raining). These include: – People pointing and staring. – Some cutting to the chase and asking …

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