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Achievement without tears

It’s always a very strange time when you finish writing a novel. There’s a mixed bag of emotions – part of you is sad to see the end of the adventure, part of you is still focused on whether you did the story and characters justice, and part of you is just plum tuckered out …

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The Ones That Got Away (and one that didn’t)

Hello and ahoy to everyone. I’m just back from a relaxing and contemplative week on the Isles of Scilly. But more about that in a separate post, teaser that I am. It appears I’ve been more circumspect than I intended recently, regarding my progress in securing representation for one of my novels. I had an …

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Right to (a) Reply

I don’t often do requests, but a fellow writer who has browsed this blog recently took me to task. He said I was being less than honest about those agents and publishers which have been a little tardy, neglectful or outspoken with their communications. I maintained – and still do – that it’s not only …

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