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I was chatting over email today with writing buddy Rosen Trethivick about Kindles, ebooks and the joy of self-publishing (well, editing and formatting at this stage of the game). She asked me about my ebooks and I mentioned my e-publisher Musa. Having passed on some useful info about KDP Select, she asked me, not unreasonably, …

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Writer as entrepreneur

Apparently, the term entrepreneur was apparently first used by the French economist Jean-Baptiste Say. Where once this was synonymous with a contractor, who acted as the third part of the holy business with capital and labour, now it means much, much more. The entrepreneur controls – either directly or indirectly – the means of production, …

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Straight Out of University

It’s my great pleasure to welcome a fellow West Country writer, Rosen Trevithick, to my blog. Here, amid a busy schedule for her recently published book, Straight Out of University, I turned the spotlight on her to learn more about her novel, food combining and fly paper. Can you tell us about your book and …

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