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Standpoint – now that’s what I call advertising!

My debut thriller, Standpoint, is currently 99p on Amazon.  Of course you can buy lots of other things for the same price – although not in pound shops. You could buy chocolate (and lord knows I’ve roadtested that idea), but it’ll make you fat – or hungry. You could buy a proportion of a coffee …

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One Year On – a Q&A with a difference

A little ago, buoyant on completing my first year as a thriller writer, I thought it would be fun to do a Q&A with a difference. I promised to answer any questions you cared to send in. Here they are, woven into an interview. 1. It’s been a year since your debut thriller, Standpoint, was published. …

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Ta Da List!

Even though the year has barely started and my previous post is already a distant memory some writers have been in touch about how they want to approach 2016 differently. Kath Morgan is opted for the challenge of 52 Artist Dates this year. Others have talked in general terms about being more focused, or committing to deadlines.Here’s …

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