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Life hacks from writing fiction

Lovers of fiction, whatever the genre, will often tell you that it’s true to life (for them) and portrays real people with real emotions, often going through extraordinary circumstances. Fiction allows us to live vicariously, and to explore ‘what if’, often – to quote from the TV classic, The Water Margin: “…In a world very …

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The sweet spell of success

Writers can be a little like children, who only stick with the kids that enjoy the same games. Only, in our case, we writers can suffer from genre-phobia.  Silly really, because the writing process is the same (inspiration, torture and progress, in that order) and the elements of good writing are the same (captivating plot, …

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Defending Joe

Often in a novel, alongside the protagonist, antagonist and a host of other characters, there will be an additional presence. I’m talking about the location. Sinclair Macleod’s series that started with The Reluctant Detective is based in Glasgow and that’s also the setting for Paul Vincent Lee’s debut novel, Defending Joe. I caught up with him …

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