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Evolution of an idea

Back-copies still available for sale! Give me a writer who knows exactly where they’re going and I’ll give you – and them – a round of applause. Any writer I’ve ever met, be they published or yet-to-be-published, may have an inkling, or even an ambition, but that’s about it. In a sense, that’s part of …

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Newsletter from afar

Show me a person who doesn’t like the smell of money and I’ll show them to an Ear, Nose & Throat specialist. And that still holds for American money. So, without further ado, here’s a newsletter from a writing community that I frequent on the other side of the Atlantic. I’ve mentioned them before and …

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Well don’t just sit there, people!

The more observant among you may have noticed that this is a brand new dawn. No, not the political shenanigans, I’m talking about this blog. Following creative negotiations, a Skype call that was so pun-filled that the transcript has been impounded and a meeting of minds, Mr Thorn Sully and I have embarked on a …

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